Give your views on Herefordshire and Worcestershire's new Autism Strategy.
Monday 27 March to Sunday 14 May 2023. This consultation is closed.

Herefordshire and Worcestershire's Autism Partnership Boards are working with autistic people, carers, professionals from social care, health, public health, police, support providers and advocacy services to co-produce a new All-Age Autism Strategy for the two counties.

The priorities in our strategy will reflect the six priorities within the National Autism Strategy 2021-2026 with an additional local priority around keeping safe:

  1. Improving understanding and acceptance of autism within society.
  2. Improving autistic children and young people's access into education and support positive transitions into adulthood.
  3. Supporting more autistic people into employment.
  4. Tackling health and care inequalities for autistic people
  5. Building the right support in the community.
  6. Improving support in criminal and youth justice systems
  7. Keeping safe

We were keen to get everyone's input into the new strategy and launched a survey to get views of autistic people, their families, and wider Herefordshire and Worcestershire residents. The results of the survey will help inform the new strategy and annual action plans.

The survey closed at 11pm on 14 May 2023.

If you have any queries about this consultation please email

Published: 27th March 2023