Let us know what you think about plans to improve Leominster town centre - 9 May to 21 June 2022 This consultation is now closed.

The consultation is now closed. We would like to thank everyone for taking the time to engage with us and submit their responses during the consultation period. The project team will now consider all public responses as they formulate their recommendations.

If you or anyone you know is in receipt of a printed questionnaire, but have not yet been able to submit it, we would still like to understand your thoughts. Please take the completed questionnaire to the Tourist Information Centre on Corn Square in Leominster so that it can be scanned and sent to the project team for consideration.

The project team will contact everyone who has submitted their contact details and requested project updates later this year. This follow up communication and an accompanying media update are intended to demonstrate how public feedback has been taken on board in the final designs for Leominster’s High Streets Heritage Action Zone.

What we consulted on

Leominster is one of a number of high streets in England to receive a share of the £95 million government fund for heritage regeneration projects. This is led by Historic England working with local councils and the community.

Herefordshire Council and Leominster Town Council are working in partnership with residents, businesses and community groups to deliver a range of projects, agreed with Historic England, that aim to renew and rejuvenate Leominster town centre.

Let us know what you think

If you live or work in Leominster and the surrounding area, we asked what you think about the proposals.

Watch a video message from the Mayor of Leominster talking about the High Street Heritage Action Zone consultation. 

The document below explains the options we were considering for improving Leominster town centre:

Accessibility forums - Wednesday 15 June

We held two focus groups at the meeting room in the ECHO shop at 40 West Street, Leominster, to discuss the accessibility aspects of the proposals.

Cllr Trish Marsh, Vice Chair Environment and Sustainability Committee attended, to hear views and answer questions.

Webinar recording

We held a webinar on 16 May. You can watch the recording of the session:

Closing date

The consultation ran from 9 May to 21 June 2022.


We'll use the information we gather to inform the final public realm proposals. We'll publish a summary of the feedback we receive and how it informed the final designs, on this page later this year.

Further information

For any further details, contact: contact@leominsterconsultation.info

Published: 9th May 2022