Friday 3 September 2018 to Monday 1 October 2018. This consultation is now closed and results are available.

This informal consultation was about proposed highway, pedestrian and cycle improvements in the Parish of Holmer and Shelwick.

Housing developments within the Parish have made contributions to Herefordshire Council through the planning process towards highway improvements. The contributions are committed for specific improvements, the first of which is the proposed traffic calming and footway improvement works.

Balfour Beatty Living Places developed a set of proposals following discussions with Herefordshire Council and Holmer and Shelwick Parish Council. The key elements of the proposal are:

  • Reduction of speed limit on local roads within the Parish to 30mph
  • Introduction of traffic calming to support the new and existing 30mph speed limits
  • Introduction of a footway on Attwood Lane up to the Meadow Park development
  • Measures to improve conditions for pedestrians and cycles on Attwood Lane between Church Way and Meadow Park

This informal consultation aimed to gather the views of residents in the Parish and local road users on the proposals.

Feedback on the proposals

The responses will be assessed to consider how the proposals should be taken forward. Subject to the outcome of this informal consultation, it is likely that a further statutory consultation will be required to introduce the traffic regulation orders for certain elements of the works.

An exhibition of the proposals was held on Monday 10 September at Holmer Park Health Club and Spa.

The consultation ran from 3 September until 1 October 2018.

For further information, please contact Balfour Beatty on 01432 261800 or email

Consultation supporting documents

Published: 31st August 2018