Have your say on how we shape the County Plan over the next four years. Until Friday 16 February 2024. This consultation is closed.

The County Plan is the key strategic document for the council that outlines the ambitions and objectives over the next four years and highlights how those ambitions will be delivered.

To inform the development of the plan, consultations were undertaken with groups and individuals to support in the refining and shaping of the plan.

The consultation asked you to consider the priorities that have already been agreed and when they should be delivered during the next four years. By incorporating your responses this will support in developing the County and Delivery Plan and help create a thriving and flourishing county, building on the strength of our people and places.

The following ambitions are being considered:

  • People - Enable resilient and connected communities to ensure that everyone lives well and has the best start in life
  • Place - Protect and enhance our environment and keep Herefordshire a great place to live
  • Growth - Support growth across the county which builds on the county's strengths and resources

We have a list of commitments for each area, which you can read below.

We also conducted focus group sessions with the following groups to provide more detailed feedback and to ask how it should feel to be a resident living in Herefordshire in 2028:

  • Community Assembly pool
  • Young people
  • Parish and town councils
  • PCN networks via Talk Community Hubs
  • Business


The consultation closed on Friday 16 February 2024.

All feedback received will be considered in developing the priorities for the 2024-28 County Plan.

Our commitments


Encourage and enable all residents, especially children, young people and families to thrive.

We will...

  • Ensure that residents are enabled to live healthy lives within their communities.
  • Tackle inequality by focusing on early intervention and prevention activities that support people to live independent and fulfilling lives.
  • Enable people to support themselves and each other by providing the right support at the right time.
  • Work closely with partners and communities to build connected and resilient communities.
  • Ensure people feel safe and respected in their communities.


Protect our environment through innovation and best practice and promote initiatives that address the environmental challenges we face.

We will...

  • Increase recycling rates more and make improvements to the local environment.
  • Protect the county's biodiversity, value nature and uphold environmental standards.
  • Champion agricultural practices which minimise pollution and maximise biodiversity.
  • Support our local culture and heritage and make Herefordshire a thriving, safe and attractive place to live and visit.


Invest in the economy and support economic growth.

We will...

  • Expand the transport and infrastructure network to improve access across the county.
  • Develop employment land to unlock new business opportunities for the county and generate local jobs.
  • Support market towns to be vibrant hubs through working with residents, grassroots organisations and businesses.
  • Support residents to access skills development and training opportunities.
  • Work with partners to provide high quality housing to meet all needs.

How we'll use the information from this consultation

The information we gather will be used in developing the priorities for the 2024-28 County Plan. The consultation results will be published on this page.

Any comments provided will be treated as confidential and will be anonymised before publication.

If you have any queries or if you would like the questionnaire in an alternative format or language please contact us at researchteam@herefordshire.gov.uk

Privacy notice

Published: 8th December 2023