Tell us your experience of domestic abuse and the support available in Herefordshire.
6 October to 30 October 2023. This consultation is closed.

The Herefordshire Community Safety Partnership are working with a charity called SafeLives to carry out a full system review of how Herefordshire tackles domestic abuse, supports survivors and addresses perpetrator behaviour.

SafeLives is a charity working across the UK to end domestic abuse and make people safer. They work with organisations across the UK to transform the response to domestic abuse and offer a range of training and support for organisations that work with victim-survivors of domestic abuse and their families.

Have your say

As well as talking to local services and professionals, SafeLives wanted to hear from local people who live in the community about their thoughts, experiences and opinions about domestic abuse support services. This included members of the public, including those that have experienced harm and/or perpetrated harm.

SafeLives developed a range of short surveys for people to give their views.

The surveys didn't ask for information which could easily identify you, for example your name and address. We asked for some demographic details but these were optional. Your responses were grouped with other people's responses to keep your answers from being connected back to you.

Closing date

The consultation ran from Friday 6 October to Monday 30 October 2023.

What happens next

Data from this survey will be referenced in a SafeLives' written report about your local area. Data may be combined with data from other sites across the UK and referenced at an aggregated level in reports about the impact of SafeLives' work. In these reports we may use anonymised quotes from your answers. At the end of the survey you had the opportunity to opt out of your quotes being used.

SafeLives privacy policy

Published: 6th October 2023