Have your say on our equality policy Thursday 5 October to Monday 27 November 2023. This consultation is closed.

Our equality policy and objectives

Our equality policy sets out our commitment to equality and diversity.

It applies:

  • Externally - to the services we provide to the public
  • Internally - to workforce and employment issues

It sets out our objectives and how we will:

  • Address social issues that impact on equality
  • Promote our values and acceptable standards of behaviour
  • Make fair and equitable decisions
  • Recruit fairly and support our workforce
  • Make our services accessible
  • Provide tailored support

It also refers to the inequalities highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and declares our solidarity with people who are protesting against racism. 

What we consulted on

We are currently reviewing our Equality policy, and asked for your views on the objectives, listed above, and whether you feel there is anything else we should be including as a priority. 

You can read more about each of these objectives in our current Equality policy 2020-23.

Read our current Equality policy 2020-23
View an easy read version of the equality policy 2020-2023.

An appendix with statistics and background information accompanies the policy.

Have your say

We consulted both with the users of our services through this questionnaire, and internally with employees.

Closing date

The consultation ran from Thursday 5 October until Monday 27 November 2023.

What happens next

We will not respond to individual feedback forms unless you specifically asked us to. All feedback received through this consultation will be collated by the Equality Officer, and we will consider it when drafting the new policy, which will be linked from this page when available.

Further information

If you require any further information about this survey please contact the Equality Officer at diversity@herefordshire.gov.uk or 01432 260216.

Please note that if you have a complaint about a particular issue, it is recommended that you log a formal complaint.

Published: 28th September 2023