Consultation for a permit scheme to manage works to the highway. Tuesday 14 April to Tuesday 9 June 2020. This consultation is closed.

This consultation was to seek views on the implementation of a permit scheme to manage the works to the highway.

Part 3 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 and The Traffic Management Permit Scheme (England) Regulations 2007 gives local authorities the power to devise and implement a permit scheme to improve the management of works in the street. These works are normally undertaken by the highway authority themselves (or their agents) and utility companies.

If a permit scheme is implemented it will mean that permission will need to be obtained for most road and street works.

The primary aim of the scheme is to devise an outcome-focussed and well implemented permit scheme that provides the optimum approach to coordinating any work needed within the public highway. This is required to minimise disruption and reduce inconvenience caused to residents, visitors to the county and all others that utilise the highways network.

The consultation was primarily aimed at highway works promoters, the utility companies operating in the area, any regulators to those organisations and anyone with an interest in how we manage and operate within the network.

This consultation ran for 8 weeks, ending on 9 June 2020.

The consultation responses will be reviewed in detail and where appropriate the drafted scheme will be altered to take these views into account. Following this consultation period the finalised permit scheme will move through the decision process and will be published on this website in due course.

Government guidance on permit schemes

Published: 14th April 2020